nacdep: helping the disabled poor NACDEP - National Coalition for Dually Eligible People
Dedicated to improving access and healthcare for elderly and disabled dually eligible people with Medicare and Mediaid - "The Disabled Poor"
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Dually Eligible People with Medicare and Medicaid

Executive Summary pdf
August 2008

  • Part 1: "Second-Class Medicare"
    Separate but unequal medical care
    For dually eligible people with Medicare and Medicaid
    Is unethical, violates Civil Rights, and decreases access to health care.

  • Part 2: The Nursing Home Burden
    Improving access to health care for dually eligible people with
    Medicare and Medicaid will decrease their $500 million Louisiana Medicaid Nursing home bill and their $34 billion national Medicaid nursing home bill.

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NACDEP: Turning healthcare disparity into healthcare equality while saving healthcare dollars

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