nacdep: helping the disabled poor NACDEP - National Coalition for Dually Eligible People
Dedicated to improving access and healthcare for elderly and disabled dually eligible people with Medicare and Mediaid - "The Disabled Poor"
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Healthcare Discrimination in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Nationwide A Case Study of Dually Eligible People with Medicare and Medicaid

08/06 NACDEP office reopens in Central City New Orleans.
8/29/05 NACDEP office in Mid-City New Orleans destroyed by Hurrican Katrina flooodwaters.
05/05 NACDEP President, Sheldon Hersh, MD, presents “Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries: Who Are They, and Why Should We Care?” at the Special Interest Group, Healthcare for Low-Income Seniors, at the Annual Meeting of the American Geriatrics Society.
12/04 NACDEP President, Sheldon Hersh, MD, receives Louisiana Geriatrics Society Leadership Award.
6/12/03 A Federal Crossover Program for Primary Care Services for Dually Eligible People, which costs less than 2% of the National Governors Association proposal.
4/27/03 The Medicare Part B Privacy Policy decreases
Access to health care for frail, elderly and disabled people.


2/20/03 NACDEP improves access to home health services
For 104,000 dually eligible people in Louisiana.
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NACDEP: Turning healthcare disparity into healthcare equality while saving healthcare dollars

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